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Merry Christmas
Weasley Twins
Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate and Happy Tuesday to those that don't. :)

This year I have learned that one of the very best things about Christmas is that having 2 days in which work cannot call me in is one of the best gifts EVER! This is what happens when you spend 12 and a half years as an at home mum and then rejoin the work force in the retail industry. Who knew and better still why didn't they tell me?

However you are spending today, I hope you have peace and love and all the lovely things you loves best around you.

Much love,


Thank you!
Green eye
Thank you for the adorable little blue dragons leashy_bebes and sesheta_66, my son is going be like so totally jealous of them. xD

Happy New Year!!!
Green eye
Less than 3 my wonderful, fabulous, Live Journal Friends!

Happy Birthday the_flic and tiger_flame
Green eye
Happy Birthday Flic and Lucy.

I hope your days are filled with everything you like best and hear's to a fabulous year filled with even better things.

Happy Birthday to any of my other Birthday twins that I have yet to met.

{Insert fabulous naked man jumping from a cake here...]

Fic Rec
Green eye
In case you missed it, dudley_redeemed started posting today.
The very first fic is absolutely fabulous. I never stopped laughing from the first sentence to the last and had to re-read it immediately. It is crack at its absolute best and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I especially love how I identified with at least 6 points as to my own shipping preferences.

Title:The Office of OTP's
Pairing, or gen: Dudley/Cho, plus absolutely everyone else
Rating: Hard R for language and dirty thoughts. Dirty, dirty thoughts!
Warning(s): Oh hell, it's unwarnforable! Okay... references to het, slash, incest, mpreg, rape, crossgen, BDSM, orgies and incestuous-rape-and-BDSM-filled-crossgen-orgies-with-pregnant-men. All of which are given a sound spanking and sent to my room with no dinner. Also, bad song parodies. On the upside, it tastes great AND it's less filling! And, if you couldn't tell, it's crack.
Word count: 2180
Summary/Excerpt: I'm going with excerpt: And so, the Great Fangirl Revolution of 2010 had finally drawn to a close. All over the world, women (and a few people who claimed to be men, although they were generally doubted) pounded their keyboards in triumph. The Internet lay beaten and bloody beneath the Doc Martens of its conquerors and these chicks were going to make things right.

eta: I am so very excited that, for the first time ever, I actually got the coding for a link right. So excited in fact; that I just had to share.

Dudley Redeemed.
Green eye
Is a new community that will focus on grown-up redeemed Dudley Dursley. If Draco and Snape can be redeemed post DH why not ol' Duddykins?

So far, there is just a poll asking people what their preferences are in regards to a Dudley centric fest and some very nice pimping banners but if this sounds like your thing, then please go on over and show your support. :)

Green eye

Happy Christmas Everyone.

hp_nextgen_fest Halloween Treat - The pumpkin Incident (George, James II. G)
Green eye
Title The Pumpkin Incident
Characters George Weasley, James Sirius Potter, ?
Rating G
Word count approx. 300
Beta nolagal
Disclaimer I do not own anything that you recognise, most of it belongs to JKR and her wealthy minions oh which; I am not one.
Notes Written for hp_nextgen_festHalloween Drabble Treat. My chosen prompt was pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Incident

"George, dear, would you mind doing the Jack-o-lanterns? You always make the best ones."

"No problem mum. I think it's time young Jamie here learned a few tricks of the trade seen as though he has ambitions of becoming my apprentice in a few years."

The entire Weasley-Potter family had come to the Burrow for Halloween, the party had become some what of a tradition and everyone had their part to play. George was always in charge of pumpkin carving.

"Really Uncle George I can help you with the pumpkins? Can I use magic?" James asked excitedly. Jamie spent quite a bit of his time following George around rather than playing with the other kids.

"Yes and no, absolutely not!" George answered winking.

A short while later George and James had chosen the biggest and best pumpkins from the garden, and George set to work explaining exactly how to carve a Jack-o-lantern. James listened raptly, almost vibrating with anticipation at being able to have a go. George had agreed that he could use just a little bit of magic so long as he kept it a secret and was very careful.

Finally George informed James it was his turn. The boy raised his wand and screwed up his face in concentration. Suddenly Percy appeared around the corner. James panicked and the next moment the pumpkin exploded all over them. James looked mortified until both George and Percy began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Oh dear, " Percy said as he wiped pumpkin pulp from his glasses. George hadn't stopped laughing.

"I'm really sorry Uncle Percy, honest I am!" James insisted.

"It's perfectly alright, James, not as easy as George makes it look is it?" Percy asked smiling.

"No, but it sure is fun."

Drabble - My Best Friend (George, Lee. Gen) written for hpgeorgecentric
Green eye
Title My Best Friend
Characters George Weasley and Lee Jordan. Gen!fic.
Prompt Best Mates
Wordcount 114
Disclaimer George Weasley does not belong to me but oh how I wish he did!
Notes Written for the Drabble/Art challenge at hpgeorgecentric. I hope this counts as George centric if not I will write another one.

Lee is to me what Harry is to Ron.Collapse )
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Green eye

You should all go read it (if you want) I would link it if my brain was functioning but it not so you will have to make do with clicking on the comm name and looking at the thrid entry down on todays posts.  You will know which one cause it has MY name on it OMFG!!!!

That is all enjoy the rest of your day xD